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Over the last decade, we’ve been able to speak with business owners and marketing professionals in a multitude of industries across the country. In our experience, most marketing decisions are made based on one of two factors:

    • Desperate for results and will try just about anything if the timing is right
    • Wanting to emulate their competitors without any data on what their competitors are doing financially

Marketing can be challenging and you’re probably here because you’re not satisfied with your current performance. You don’t know why things are not working, and in fact, you probably don’t have a grasp on why some of your marketing is working. Fortunately, we know how to track advertising and quantify it into simple to understand bits that even a non-marketing person can understand.

We believe in a practical approach to marketing. We don’t use marketing guru template rinse and repeat programs, and we don’t over-promise and under-deliver. We’re transparent in how we work, and we help you build your business based on your data. Data doesn’t lie, and we help set up tracking to ensure your marketing works at its best, based on your specific business.

Our agency has been built for small and medium sized businesses who need an entire marketing department, or to supplement an internal marketing department. Explore our website and schedule a free consultation. You’ll find that we’re different and have your best interests in mind.

How Is ENVY Brand Studio Different Than Other Marketing Agencies?

We Own Service Based/E-Commerce/Technology/Real Estate Businesses

As a business owner, you often feel that no one understands what you’re going through and why you work so hard at sometime without instant results. You can’t get someone to care about your business as much as you do. We get it. In fact, ENVY Brand Studio isn’t the only thing we do.

We Don't Rely On Creative Ideas & Gut Feelings

While the truth hurts, you’ll find that we’re very transparent in our approach to marketing for our clients. Creative projects are fun, but we’re rooted more in the data behind your marketing activities. We love crunching numbers and finding the low hanging fruit that’s actually going to shift revenue upward.

If marketing is or isn’t working, our goal is to answer the “why” behind it. With enough time, you’re marketing can turn into an efficient machine with predictable results. That’s the win and our goal with our clients.

We Coach Your Teams or Provide Turnkey Marketing Services

Based upon your business, you may not have the expertise in house, but maybe you have the right marketing or creative person that has the ability to be great. We can come in and coach them to be the very best version of themselves, obtaining skills that generally you need a lot of years of experience to obtain.

For marketing director support, we coach on negotiating advertising rates, tracking direct and indirect leads, understand how to quantity marketing activies, and ultimately view marketing differently.

For creative support, we coach on storytelling, optimizing processes for video production, intake, editing, and maximizing value from your content.

For businesses that don’t quite have that individual yet, you can get instant access to a team that understands the “how” on getting your marketing back on track and scalable.


Hear From Others

In all of my years of working with business owners, I can honestly say I’ve never worked with someone as sharp as Trevor when it comes to interpreting and utilizing data and analytics for all aspects of sales and marketing.

– Mike Killian

Working closely with Trevor on many projects it is obvious his goal is to leverage the marketing budget he owns and deliver the best quality marketing campaign at the best value.

– Denise Douglas

Working with ENVY for our digital assets was easy, communicative, and enjoyable. ENVY’s professionalism creates the best results!

– Your Feedback Soon 🙂

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This is the stage where we explore ideas and potential visions. Here, we prioritize inspiration and bask in the “what ifs?”



Definition is the key to executing a high-quality product. Getting answers to creative questions and knowing our parameters is key in this stage.



This stage is the labor stage, where work on the content and function of any element within the project.



This is where we complete project finishings and deliver them to our clients in reliable files.


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