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Meet The Owners

Not all companies have the resources to maintain an internal marketing team. That’s what we’re here for: To provide marketing and creative support without the large budgets. Part of what makes us special is our availability to local growing businesses and our mission to help them grow.

Trevor Jones

Marketing Expert / Founder

Trevor has spent nearly a decade helping businesses across the country generate over $100 million in sales revenue through data-driven advertising strategies. Trevor created ENVY so that small to medium-sized businesses could leverage the power of creativity and enhance their advertising effectiveness.

Ryan Stanley

Creative Director / Partner

Scalable Team

We Adapt & Grow With You

We use internal, local, national, and off-shore teams to deliver the best service possible for our clients. We’re constantly adapting our internal resources in order to meet the growing needs of our clients. While our core services are offered under roof, we have partnership and agreements with many partners to make marketing and creative as turnkey as possible for you. Working with a marketing agency shouldn’t be a full-time job. We’re here for you.

Why work with us

We are here for YOU. Creative collaboration leads to the development of high-quality digital assets that will help your business grow and thrive.

Our process aims to define our projects thoroughly, as we want to create as efficiently and as accurately as possible.

What We Live By

Our Values

Seek to Serve Others

We believe in serving others and treating everyone like family. We’re natural collaborators that
want what’s best for ourselves and our clients.

Be Like Glass

Transparency is key for our team. Both internally and externally, we focus on providing the
most transparency when it comes to delivering thoughtful creative.

Always Hit the Mark

Clients are team members too, and we’re dedicated to always delivering upon our
expectations. We don’t miss deadlines and we carefully listen and collaborate to ensure
we’re always hitting the mark.


Career Opportunities 

Why work with envy?

Our environment is not only fun and laid-back, but it will also help you hone your professional skills. Working with a small team creates an optimal dynamic to share ideas and develop your creative visions.

Interested in starting a career with us?

We’d love to chat more about what we can do for you, and where your skills may fit in our team.


We’re currently looking for…

– Account Manager / Outside Sales